I have to say that I still own and use an old-fashioned, dark brown journal. That’s where all the private stuff goes, so if you’re looking for personal tidbits, you won’t find them in this blog.

I taught 7th grade English at MacDonald Middle School. I taught because I love to read and write and because somewhere along the way I realized that I am a “middle school person” as we like to say. Either you’re a middle school person or you’re not. It’s a state of mind. I also was a teacher to pay the bills; no matter what they tell you, teachers earn a decent wage (it’s true that, compared to other professions, it’s not a ton of money). When you consider that my grandparents fled Armenia as young orphans happy to be alive, the idea of having food, clothing, shelter, and a job I can count on (and happen to love) seems a God-send.

One day, recently, I felt like I was coming down with something. Then I realized that I haven’t been doing much writing. Not often enough and not enough enough. Not even in that dark brown journal. That translates to a sickness for me, bordering on insanity. So here I am. I’ll be sharing from the gut, but not spilling my guts. I’ll be shooting for humor, but not making fun of others or myself. I’ll be reflective and informative, fresh and honest, but not babbling on for the sake of taking up space. And most of the time, I like technology. We’re not good friends, but we get along. So, I’ll be writing more often, writing with more length, and writing with my computer…trying to make sense of it all along the way.

That’s about About.

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  1. Aram, It was wonderful to meet you and your wife tonight. I’m excited to follow your blog, especially your son’s bike adventure.

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