Highlighting Poetry in April

I challenged myself and my students to read or write a poem everyday in April. I’m not necessarily going to share every poem I write, but at the end, I will share the poems I read — and I’ll share some of the poems I write. Here’s one from this morning…


I saw a former student
Who reminded me
That her sister currently
Has me in class.
She said,
“You’re her favorite student!”

And I wanted to correct her
But I just accepted
The compliment
Because to be a student’s
Favorite student

Makes me seem wise

But as she was walking away
She said,
“And that’s so ironic”
Which I realized
Moments later
Really meant
That the sister I was speaking to
Didn’t like me as a teacher

(Maybe because she felt
She hadn’t taught me anything)

But that didn’t negate
The compliment
From her sister.

So yeah.


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